May 25, 2019  

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Catching Up With

Ross Walton

In his work at the USM Center for Oral History and Cultural Heritage, Ross Walton is preserving and sharing Mississippi’s story through the voices of its people.

Gulf Park campus instructor has seen amazing growth and success from Thanksgiving adoption program.

A former federal law enforcement officer, Lt. Patrick Williams likes the cozy and friendly atmosphere that prevails on USM's Gulf Park campus in Long Beach.


Despite the many overwhelming problems facing our nation today, on this Veterans Day we may want to reflect on a group of young Americans possessing extraordinary potential who in my view epitomize a “light in the darkness.”

Most of use likely know someone who has or is struggling with a substance use problem or an addiction. Addictions, specifically related to substances, is one of the most stigmatized public health problems worldwide. A major contributing factor to this stigma is the belief held by many about what an addiction is, how it began, and how it is maintained.

People living in my home state of Mississippi often lack the information they need to stay healthy or manage their conditions.