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Application Deadline Nov. 27 for Saturday Gifted Studies Program

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The Saturday Gifted Studies Program at The University of Southern Mississippi will be held Jan. 20- Feb. 17, 2018 on the Hattiesburg campus. The application deadline is Nov. 27.  

This program, conducted by USM’s Frances A. Karnes Center for Gifted Studies, is designed to enhance cognitive and affective abilities of gifted students through planned enrichment and accelerated programming. The program’s courses are scheduled for 9 a.m.-noon on each of the five consecutive Saturdays, and will be offered for the following age groups: Pre-K (3 and 4-year-olds), kindergarten and first grade, second and third grades, fourth and fifth grades, and sixth through eighth grades.

The course schedule includes the following:

*PreSchool: “Finding Math in Nature”

Examine patterns and symmetry in nature. Use your five senses to discover Fibonacci Spirals and more.

*Kindergarten and First Grades:  “Simple Machines: Engineering 101 AND Investigating Chemistry”

Learn about Newton’s Laws of Motion and discover how chemistry is all around you.  Can you fire a Catapult?  Would you like to launch a rocket? Come explore science from two interesting angles.

*Second and Third Grades: “Secrets of the Universe” and “Is It Magic or is it Science?”

Do you know what Goldilocks has to do with outer space, or how to make magic with common everyday items? If you are wondering, this is the place for you.

*Fourth and Fifth Grades: “Earth’s DNA AND Creative Writing: The Lost Art”

If you’d like to know how to fingerprint the Earth, or write a story that helps you find something that was lost, come explore with us.

*Middle School (6th – 8th Grades): “Lights, Camera, Action!”

Tell your story and take it into production. From idea generation to the big screen, if you have a story to tell, you will find ways to make it come alive in this action-packed course.

Applications are available online at http://www.usm.edu/karnes-gifted. For more information, contact The Frances A. Karnes Center for Gifted Studies at 601.266.5236, or contact Dr. Heather Houston, director of the Karnes Center, at hl.houston@usm.edu.