April 18, 2019  

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Children’s Center Hosts Award-Winning Workshop, Handwriting Without Tears

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The Children's Center at USM held a "Handwriting Without Tears" workshop on April 18-19.

The transition to kindergarten is an exciting time for little ones and parents alike, but with that excitement also comes feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. And for families of children with disabilities, it can be downright scary.

In an effort to help calm these fears and also to provide important tools for parents, educators, and clinicians, The Children’s Center for Communication and Development at The University of Southern Mississippi hosted a two-day award-winning workshop, Handwriting Without Tears, earlier this week.

The event, held on USM’s Hattiesburg Campus, was designed to arm those who work with children at this pivotal stage with new, exciting ways of building a strong foundation for success in school. And Handwriting Without Tears presenter, Peter Giroux, could not have presented the material in a more fun, engaging way.

“We are so excited to bring this nationally renowned workshop to professionals and parents right here in Hattiesburg. At The Children’s Center, we focus on the importance of early intervention for children with complex disabilities, but we know that what happens once they leave our walls is just as important to their growth and development,” said Monica Bridges, speech-language pathologist at The Children’s Center, and event coordinator. “We work hard to set our little ones up for success while we have them, but we also aim to help provide their parents and future educators and therapists with tools to help them continue on this path to a bright future.”

In addition to providing cost-free therapy to children age birth-to-5 at The Children’s Center, Bridges also spends time providing follow-up services to children and families who have graduated from The Center. Just added last year, this new service has already proven to be an essential part of The Children’s Center’s holistic approach to therapies. “They may not be enrolled at The Children’s Center anymore, but our commitment to their success doesn’t end at graduation,” says Bridges.

And with the addition of these new follow-up services and the hosting of critically acclaimed workshops like Handwriting Without Tears, along with the extensive training provided to university students each year, The Children’s Center for Communication and Development has made it clear that their investment in the lives of children with disabilities goes far beyond the work that is done while they are in their midst.

As Bridges says, “We’re always looking to find the best possible tools for helping our little ones reach their potential, and we are so thankful when we have an opportunity to learn alongside the professionals and parents who will be helping shape their futures as well.”