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College of Science and Technology Recognizes Retiring Associate Dean at Awards Banquet

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Dr. David T. Hayhurst, left, dean of the College of Science and Technology, presents Associate Dean Dr. Patricia Biesiot with a plaque recognizing her 26-plus years of service to the University. (Photo by Tara Burcham)

Dr. Patricia Biesiot, associate dean in the College of Science and Technology at The University of Southern Mississippi, was presented flowers and an eagle plaque by the college’s Dean Dr. David T. Hayhurst at the Annual College of Science and Technology Awards banquet.

In recognizing Biesiot’s 26-plus years of service, Hayhurst called her “one of the most important people to me” in the College of Science and Technology. “Dr. Biesiot has been invaluable to me. More importantly, she has helped the College,” said Hayhurst.

Biesiot started her career at Southern Miss more than 26 years ago in the Department of Biological Sciences. Before that, she spent time at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory in Ocean Springs.

“Dr. B.”, as many call her, has helped USM in countless ways. From preprofessional advisor to associate dean to interim dean, Biesiot has given her time to make sure the college runs smoothly.

Biesiot’s time has not only been spent in administration. She has an impressive list of accomplishments in research and teaching. A few of those include receiving the College of Science and Technology Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award, and the University Excellence in Teaching Award.

Words faculty, staff, and students use to describe Biesiot included: “committed, fair, caring, dedicated, honorable, hard-working, and brilliant.”

Biesiot has been committed to the Southern Miss preprofessional program. Dr. Jeff Evans, preprofessional advisor, noted her impressive work with the program. “It is obvious she paid great attention to detail. Under her guidance many students were admitted to professional schools such as medical and dental schools. She cared about helping students reach their career goals,” he said.

Dana Berry, assistant to the dean for academic records, said, “Dr. Biesiot is the epitome of what a leader should be. She’s helped me enhance my staff development, encouraged me to pursue my career and academic goals, and been incredibly supportive of all of my endeavors while creating a great working relationship with me. I truly appreciate Dr. B and couldn’t have asked for a better leader!”

Doctor of Optometry, Dr. Rochelle Hopkins, remembers Biesiot fondly and says she had a profound impact on her entire family, “Dr. Biesiot taught me, my husband and my son. She inspired us with her exceptional leadership skills and mentoring abilities. Dr. Biesiot you will truly be missed.”

For more information about the College of Science and Technology, visit www.usm.edu/cost.