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Dance Concert to Feature Student and Faculty Choreography

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The Department of Dance at The University of Southern Mississippi will hold its Studio 115 Dance Concert Dec. 5-7 at 7:30 p.m., with an additional performance Dec. 7 at 2 p.m. Performances will be held in the Theatre and Dance Building, Studio 115. Admission is $5, check or cash only.

The dance concert consists of six different pieces. Department of Dance faculty members choreographed two of the performances featured in the concert, while senior students majoring in Dance Performance and Choreography choreographed four of the performances.

“This concert is our one ‘traditional’ concert dance-setting performance here on campus produced by the Dance Department this semester,” said assistant professor of dance Elizabeth Lentz.

Rebecca McArthur and Kelly Ferris Lester, both faculty members, are featured choreographers for the concert. Torrey Isaac, Kenmekia Stanton, Brittany Heiken, and Keturah Robinson are all senior Dance Performance and Choreography majors whose choreography will also be featured in the concert.

McArthur was inspired by personal life experiences in creating her dance piece.

“For this dance I drew from experiences on my summer travels to Nicaragua and Haiti. I experienced a lot of peace being in these countries, but I also found myself in a lot of intense situations. From that, I created movement that demonstrate qualities of strength and bound movement gestures, layered with speed...in addition to moments of finding the calmness and moments of rest within the fast-paced atmosphere that is defined throughout,” she said.

All of the dance pieces featured in the concert were inspired and influenced by personal experiences or interests. Each student and faculty member’s choreography holds special meaning.

“As a dancer and a human I feel as though dance is everything and everywhere, from conversations to simple walking. My dance was inspired by my interest in how we as humans express ourselves and interact with others. The expressions in this piece are layered with unique and inventive ways of moving and a foundation of perpetual motives,” said senior Kenmekia Stanton.

For more information about the Department of Dance, call 601.266.4161 or visit www.usm.edu/dance.