May 25, 2019  

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DuBard School Develops Special Font for Teaching Language Skills

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Staff at the DuBard School developed this cursive font.

Staff at the DuBard School for Language Disorders at The University of Southern Mississippi have developed a state-of-the-art font to aid teachers, instructors, speech-language pathologists, dyslexia therapists, and other professionals in teaching critical language skills.

The DuBard Association Method® Cursive Font was developed with vLetter, Inc. in conjunction with Language Learning Aptitudes, Inc. and is available to purchase through

“This is a game-changer in our field of work” said Missy Schraeder, DuBard School Interim Director. “There is no other font on the market with the combined features of the DuBard Association Method® Cursive Font. For the DuBard School and those trained in the DuBard Association Method® in particular, this is an especially exciting development. However, professionals across the country using similar methodologies can also benefit.”

The DuBard Association Method® teaches cursive writing at an early age, which has been proven effective in helping all children (especially those with language disorders) to identify and distinguish between letters, and write and read with fluency. Additionally, the DuBard Association Method® uses the Northampton symbol system to assist students in discriminating between graphemes that look the same but are pronounced differently.

The DuBard Association Method® Cursive Font features clear, simple cursive letter formation for students’ ease of reading and writing. It also incorporates Northampton symbols seamlessly into the text and automatically connects letters as the user types.

For those teaching cursive writing without the use of Northampton symbols, the font provides clear letter formations without unnecessary strokes or flourishes. These combined features make the DuBard Association Method® Cursive Font a one-of-a kind, breakthrough product in the field of oral and written language intervention.

The DuBard Association Method® Cursive Font is available for purchase at