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DuBard School Director Martin Authors New Textbook

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Dr. Maureen Martin

Dr. Maureen Martin, director of the DuBard School for Language Disorders at The University of Southern Mississippi recently released a new textbook that expands upon the multisensory teaching methods that the school has used to educate students with severe communication disorders for 50 years.

Martin, authored the book Oral and Written Communication Disorders, which is a revised and expanded version of Teaching Language-Deficient Children (1994,1997, 2000) co-authored by school founder, Dr. Etoile DuBard, and Martin. 

The multisensory approach, now known as the DuBard Association Method®, was brought to Southern Miss by Etoile DuBard and has been expanded and revised by DuBard, Martin and the staff of the DuBard School over the years.

“Professionals have referred to the earlier versions of this work as the ‘Green Bible’ because of its ongoing value and usefulness in both academic and practical terms,” said Martin. “With the updated and new information, as well as modern illustrations, we hope that this text will continue to be an excellent resource to university students, therapists, and teachers alike."

Descriptions of numerous speech, language, hearing and reading disabilities, and related case histories, are included in the book. The current 355-page revised edition includes new resources for teachers and therapists, updated research and full color illustrations. It is available through the Southern Miss Barnes & Noble bookstore along with related therapy materials.