February 24, 2018  

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DuBard School at Southern Miss Salutes ‘Better Hearing and Speech Month’

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Since 1927, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has celebrated Better Hearing and Speech Month each May to raise public awareness of speech, language and hearing disorders that affect 14 million Americans. The DuBard School for Language Disorders at The University of Southern Mississippi wants to help spread the word.

Speech and language disorders can take many forms and can limit academic achievement, social adjustment, and career advancement. An individual may be born with a speech or language disorder, or it may be caused by accidental injury or illness.

For more than 50 years, the DuBard School for Language Disorders has been bringing the gift of oral and written language to individuals with communication disorders, including the written language disorder of dyslexia.

“If you are wondering when is the right time to address possible language disorders or hearing loss, the answer is now,” said Dr. Maureen Martin, director of the DuBard School.  “The sooner any issues can be addressed, the more successful a child will be in their development.”

The DuBard School offers full-time enrollment services, outclient services, evaluations and diagnostic teaching, resources and referrals, professional development and research in the field. The staff at the DuBard School is well-educated and trained to meet the needs of individuals with speech and language disorders and hearing loss, as 20 members of its staff are certified speech-language pathologists (awarded by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association), 15 of whom are also Certified Academic Language Therapists (awarded by the American Language Therapy Association).

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is the national professional, scientific and credentialing association for more than 145,000 audiologists, speech-language pathologists and speech, language and hearing scientists. The Mississippi chapter, Mississippi Speech-Language-Hearing Association (MSHA), is highly active in sharing resources with individuals throughout Mississippi.  To learn more about speech-language pathologists and the impact they have on individuals with communication disorders and hearing impairments, visit the MSHA website at www.mshausa.org