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"How Do Bodies Perform" set for Oct. 27 at Southern Miss Gulf Park

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The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies at The University of Southern Mississippi will host “How do bodies perform?”, a performance and respondent event from the Fleshed Out: The Body Politic series, Thursday, Oct. 27 at the University’s Gulf Park campus in Long Beach.

A yearlong, interdisciplinary series, Fleshed Out: The Body Politic aims to investigate how the body is viewed historically, socially, technologically, culturally, performatively, economically and environmentally.

In this specific event, the question of “How do bodies perform?” is tackled by linking both actual performance – through use of dance, theatre and visual images – to how individuals perform in everyday culture by what they wear, what they see and how they look at others.

“How do bodies perform?” will showcase solo dance performances and choreographic work presented by Drs. Kelly Ferris Lester and Elizabeth Lentz-Hill from the Department of Dance that explores the body as a venue not only for artistic performance and expression, but as a site of performing one’s culture.

The event will then be followed by a 10-minute discussion led by Dr. Rebecca Tuuri, assistant professor of history, that will merge the historical perspective of the issues offered in the dance works.

“We use dance as a metaphor to look at the ways bodies are classified in terms of race, class, gender and sexuality, as well as the standards that the media and beauty industry set for bodies,” said Dr. Kelly Ferris Lester. “We hope to challenge the audience to be self-reflective on these issues and consider how the body is a social construct.”  

The event will take place at 12:15 p.m. in the Fleming Education Center Auditorium on the Gulf Park campus. This event is free and open to the public.

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