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Hub Dance Collective Summer Dance Concert Continues August 23-24

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The Hub Dance Collective’s summer dance concert, The Moment at Which Something is Likely to Begin, continues Friday, August 23 and Saturday, August 24 with show time at 7:30 p.m. Featuring five members of The University of Southern Mississippi Department of Dance, it will be held in the Theatre and Dance Building on the Hattiesburg campus in Studio 115.

General admission is $10, with student admission $5.

The group hopes to change the artistic landscape of Mississippi with their performance by adding modern dance to the rich mix of cultural influences for which our state is famous. In other words, we can do more than sing, write and cook; we can dance, too.

Meredith Early, Kelly Ferris Lester, Elizabeth Lentz, Becca McArthur, and Stacy Reischman Fletcher formed the modern dance company with a goal to continue choreographing and performing professionally.  They will be joined by guest artists and former Southern Miss dance standouts, Lauren Guynes and Kristen Rizzuto (performers) and Michael Estanich (choreographer).

Hub Dance Collective’s hour-long summer sampler showcases the breadth of modern dance choreography. Throughout five pieces, the dancers fly on ropes, pile onto/over/around/under each other, move at breath-taking speed, lean into falling, and distill movement into slow-motion.

Specific pieces in The Moment at Which Something is Likely to Begin are:

Rope Stories; A Dance in Four Acts, choreographed by Stacy Reischman Fletcher is an aerial dance quartet performed as much overhead on ropes and with dancers flying off the ground as with their feet on the floor.

Heaps of Three, choreographed by Rebecca McArthur is a playful trio exploring all the ways three people can move over, under, around, and through each other. (This piece was selected for and performed at the 2012 American Dance Guild performance in New York City.)

Shared Bond, choreographed by Kelly Ferris Lester, is inspired by portraits of women and artists.  This duet plays with an artist’s awareness of art, of others, of the world, and of herself.

On the Brink, choreographed by Stacy Reischman Fletcher, features four dancers who lean and fall, jump, roll, and turn, gradually condensing the momentum into intimate duets with lasting images.

The Long and Forgotten Winter: Solo 1 was choreographed by Michael Estanich, Artistic Director of Re/Dance Group in Chicago.  This character study of a futuristic woman (a scout or conquistador?) features three vignettes:  the calling to leave ritual and comfort in order to discover a new land; assessing/surveying that land; and the results of living in the land.

Hub Dance Collective is funded in part by Partners for the Arts and the College of Arts and Letters at Southern Miss. For information about the Department of Dance, online visit www.usm.edu/dance.