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International Development Program Trains Next Generation of Leaders

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Doctoral students from the United States and abroad have descended upon The University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Park campus in Long Beach to participate in a new, cutting-edge program in International Development.

The program features a wide range of diverse students drawn from colleges and universities, the military, private sector, public sectors and the non-profit and non-governmental sector. 

Designed to help students examine the related fields of International Development from an interdisciplinary perspective, the program also equips them with the exceptional research, analytical and writing skills required to succeed in the highest levels of the various International Development fields. The unique doctoral program also utilizes an innovative hybrid design that makes it an ideal course for the busy development professional.

“Our students get the full immersion of a traditional Ph.D., but were using technology to bring it to a population that is really underserved,” said Dr. Joseph St. Marie, program director. (However) just because it fits their schedule, doesn't mean it’s an easy program.”

Students utilize online learning opportunities, while also congregating periodically for coursework at the Gulf Park campus. The program also afford opportunities to attend lectures from professionals in different fields related to International Development, take off campus visits to relevant sites, and collaborate and network with each other.

The model appears to work well for students, who have been impressed both with its convenience and with the knowledge they have acquired from their coursework.

“This program has so much to offer, and now after my first semester I’ve seen I have learned in that time probably more than in my entire (previous) college experience,” said student Timea Varga.

The program has added a great new dimension to the type of learning taking place at Southern Miss, helping develop and train the next generation of leaders in International Development.

To learn more about the doctoral program in International Development, call 228.214.3240 or visit:

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