April 18, 2019  

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Lifelong Philanthropist Guidroz Makes Contribution to DuBard School

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Charles Guidroz has established a donor advised fund to benefit the DuBard School for Language Disorders at Southern Miss.

Philanthropist Charles Guidroz has parlayed his appreciation for the DuBard School for Language Disorders at The University of Southern Mississippi into a donor advised fund through The Greater PineBelt Community Foundation.

“Thank you so very much for coming here and giving me and my family the ideal giving program in which I have already experienced a sweet joy greater than I could have imagined,” said Guidroz, who resides in Foley, Ala. “I chose the DuBard School because I am familiar with what is accomplished there. I have visited the school and met some of the instructors there.”

Guidroz and his son, Kevin Guidroz, decided to open the fund because of their compassion for those who have attended the DuBard School. Charles Guidroz has auditory dyslexia but did not realize he had the disorder until adulthood.

“He joked with me, stating that his life would have been very different if he had realized why he didn’t pick things up as easily as others,” said Theresa Erickson, executive director of The Greater PineBelt Community Foundation. “Because of his challenges, he is truly passionate to help children at the DuBard School.”

Erickson explained that a donor advised fund mimics the benefits of a private foundation, but without the burdensome and expensive legalities of setting up a private or corporate foundation.

“For those individuals who haven’t decided which charity to give to, the donor advised fund is a perfect vehicle,” she said. “They can set up a fund, get an immediate tax deduction for the gift (cash, stock, property) and postpone the decision regarding which nonprofit to give it to until they are ready.”

The DuBard School is a clinical division of the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences at Southern Miss and serves children with severe language-speech and hearing disorders. The school has served hundreds of children since 1962. Approximately 40 percent of the $18,000 annual cost per enrolled student must be raised through donations.

“My ultimate hope for the DuBard School is that there will be no child or instructor that does not meet their potential because of a shortage of funds – especially for learning,” said Guidroz. “I hope that I can add additional funds every year.”

The Greater PineBelt Foundation oversees two funds for the DuBard School. For more information about the DuBard School and to make charitable contributions call the school at 601.266.5223 or the PineBelt Foundation at 601.583.6180. Also, visit either Web site at www.usm.edu/dubard or www.PineBeltFoundation.org