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Students Awarded Luckyday Study Abroad Scholarships

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Luckyday Study Abroad Scholarships have been awarded to 10 University of Southern Mississippi students. They include, from left: Wilton Jackson; Kristen Richards; Brooklyn Mills; Austin Allen; Patricia Chastain; Kelli Navarra; Lucy Ridge; Taylor Crenshaw; Shanice Hicks-Floore; and Bradley Floore.

Ten Luckyday Citizenship Scholars at The University of Southern Mississippi are recipients of the 2014 Luckyday Study Abroad Scholarships, chosen by a committee that reviewed applications and recommendations.

The Study Abroad Scholarship is a $4,000 competitive scholarship open to Luckyday Scholars who have completed at least 30 credit hours, are at least in their second year at Southern Miss, and are in good standing with the Luckyday Program. The scholarship may be applied to any study abroad program offered through Southern Miss during 2014.

Recipients include the following:

*Austin Allen, a sophomore communication studies major with a minor in Spanish. He will be studying Spanish in Spain during the summer of 2014. Austin wanted to study in a Spanish-speaking country so that he could be immersed in the language and culture.

“I am most excited to interact with the people of a different culture,” he said. Austin is the son of Carolyn Allen from Pascagoula, Miss.

*Patricia Chastain is a junior speech pathology major, with a minor focus on deaf education. Patricia plans to enroll in the five-week Spanish in Spain program for the summer of 2014. Patricia chose speech pathology as it will allow her to positively impact people in the community. “Watching the confidence in people blossom as their communication boundaries are broken down gave me the goal, as a future speech pathologist, to be as accommodating to my clients as possible. Due to this goal, I resolved to study two foreign languages while in college to better prepare myself to work with a diverse group of clients. I am currently studying sign language, and now, because of the Luckyday Scholarship Program, I will be able to realize my dream of learning a second language this summer.” Chastain is excited to have an “out of the classroom experience” and be immersed in the language and culture in Spain. Patricia is the daughter of Noreen and Timothy Chastain from Carriere, Miss.

*Taylor Crenshaw is a junior music education major with a minor in Spanish. Taylor has chosen to use her scholarship for the five-week Spanish in Spain program next summer. When asked why she chose this program, Taylor said, “Studying in Spain will give me the opportunity to see and experience all the things I learn and study about in class. Also, studying in Spain will give me the opportunity to work on my conversational Spanish speaking skills.” She is looking forward to seeing different cities in Spain and trying many different kinds of food. Taylor is the daughter of Ginger Baldwin from Lucedale, Miss.

*Bradley Floore is a sophomore, currently working on a triple major in International Business, Banking and Finance, and Tourism Management. Bradley will be studying International Business and Mandarin Chinese language studies in Tokyo, Japan for a two-week program during the summer of 2014. “I have always wanted to study abroad, especially in the southeastern Asia region of the world,” Floore said. “I am pursuing a study abroad opportunity in Asia because the future of business appears to be revolving around that engine of growth. Plus, I have always appreciated diversity and wanted to master the art of speaking Mandarin Chinese.” He thanks the Luckyday Foundation for their generosity and allowing him to gain an understanding of life outside of the United States. Bradley is the grandson of Dottie M. Balius and Jerry Borries from Gautier, Miss.

*Shanice Hicks-Floore is a junior hotel, restaurant, and tourism management major. She chose to study abroad in Tokyo, Japan, in the summer of 2014 for a two-week program in Business Leadership. After hearing the amazing stories of students in the College of Business Leadership Program who traveled to Japan last year, Shanice was eager to have the same experience. Shanice has never been out of the country, but Japan has always held a special interest to her since she has family members who have lived there before. She is looking forward to experiencing the culture, cuisine, and language of this intriguing country. Shanice is the daughter of Sharon Hicks from Gautier, Miss.

*Wilton Jackson, Jr. is a junior Broadcast Journalism major, with a minor focus in Spanish. Wilton will enroll in a two-week Caribbean Mass Media Systems course that will take place in Montego Bay, Jamaica in the summer of 2014. He is excited to have the opportunity to visit a country that many people dream about visiting. As far as his studies, Wilton said, “It allows me to get a broader perspective on how mass media varies from country to country. It gives me the opportunity to see the world outside the realm of Mississippi and the United States.” Wilton is the son of Wilton and Jacqueline Jackson from Jackson, Miss.

*Kelly Navarra is a junior Communication Studies major, with a minor focus in Marketing. Kelly chose the two-week Caribbean Studies Program in Jamaica which will take place in the summer of 2014. She will be studying Caribbean Mass Media Systems. Kelli is looking forward to the course as it will allow her to develop a more global view on communication, politics, and mass media. She said, “This opportunity will allow me to develop a better understanding of the world around me and experience a culture so different than my own.” Of course she is also excited about seeing the beauty of the Jamaican landscape and meeting the people who live there. Kelli is the daughter of Wayne and Cheryl Navarra from Brandon, Miss.

*Brooklyn Mills is a sophomore honor student majoring in psychology. Brooklyn will be studying Recreation for a Diverse Society, a two-week course in Jamaica during the summer of 2014. Brooklyn stated, “I chose this study abroad opportunity because I really want to carry out my role as a servant leader in an unfamiliar place, experience a diverse society, and become more aware of the world around me. I chose to take the Recreation Studies class so that I could help those with disabilities in Jamaica to better prepare me for my future career in Occupational Therapy.” Brooklyn is the daughter of David and Sarita Mills from Ellisville, Miss.

*Kristen Richards is a junior International Business major with a minor in Non-Profit studies. Kristen is interested in the British Studies program offered in the summer of 2014. She chose this particular study abroad opportunity because the College of Business has a program for International Business majors where students get to work first hand with large businesses in the London area. She is excited about being able to travel to many historic places that she has always learned about and being able to further enhance her experience by working with accredited businesses. She has several friends who will also be in the program, so she is excited to be able to share the experience with them. Kristen is from Ridgeland, Miss., and is the daughter of Philip and Wendy Richards.

*Lucy Ridge is a sophomore Theatre major and Dance minor. Lucy plans to enroll in the British Studies program in the summer of 2014, and she chose this program because she has always dreamed of studying abroad, particularly in the United Kingdom. She is excited to learn about the British law system and how it relates to the legal system of the United States. She has plans to pursue law school after obtaining her undergraduate degree. “I love broadening my horizons, and this is one big step towards experiencing life to the fullest,” she said. Lucy is the daughter of Leo and DeAnne Ridge, residing in Biloxi, Miss.