February 19, 2018  

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Broken clouds, 82.4 °F


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Continued severe weather is expected to continue today (July 13) and through the rest of the week. These strong storms can most likely be expected in the afternoon hours, but could occur unexpectedly at any time.

The USM campus has experienced heavy rains in short periods of time which has caused flash flooding making some campus roads impassable or hazordous to try and navigate. In addition parking areas have been identified where flooding is occurring that could cause damage to vehicles parked in these areas. Those areas are:

31st and Pearl in the area of 108 N. 31st Ave.

31st and Southern Miss at Arthell Kelly Hall

30th and Southern Miss at Arthell Kelly Hall

Eagle Walk and Black and Gold at the Practice Field

Eagle Walk and the North Stadium

Golden Eagle at the Raised Cross Walk

Kay James at the Dubard School

Fraternity Drive at Montague

Pinehaven Circle at Delta Gamma House

The motoring public should use caution if in these areas during times of heavy rain and not entered flooding areas. The campus community who use these areas for parking should monitor local weather and if severe weather is indicated in the area vehicles should be moved to other areas.

Pedestrian traffic should not be out during these times of severe weather and should wait till the weather passes before walking on campus. In the event severe weather does threaten the campus community and notification is warranted, Eagle Alert will be activated.

If you have any questions of concerns please call UPD at 266-4986 for assistance.