February 18, 2018  

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Mississippi Polymer Institute Teams with Miss. State on Rocket Project

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The Mississippi Polymer Institute is helping design rocket parts for a student-led team at Mississippi State. (Submitted photo)

The Mississippi Polymer Institute at The University of Southern Mississippi has teamed up with Mississippi State University’s Space Cowboys rocket team to produce 3D printed parts for its rocket build.

For the past year, the rocket team students have worked with MPI to engineer these rocket parts, which has allowed the team to successfully launch their rocket as planned. MPI is honored to be involved with such an exciting aerospace engineering program.

The Space Cowboys rocket team was founded in 2006 at Mississippi State University. The team participates in the University Student Launch Initiative (USLI) each year, beginning in August. The project spans an 8-month time period where students get hands on experience with rocketry and many other fields.

Students will get experience with scheduling, purchasing, performing calculations, financing, coordinating logistics, arranging press coverage, educational engagement, web site development and writing design reviews.

The Space Cowboys involve themselves in outreach activities such as helping girl scouts and boy scouts earn badges, rocketry demonstrations, and holding the Middle School Launch Challenge (MSLC) each spring. In hopes of expanding interest in rocketry in the community, the Space Cowboys recently chartered a NAR chapter.

For more information on MPI’s 3D printing capabilities, please call 601.266.4607 or visit http://www.thepolymerinstitute.com/rapid-prototyping/3D-printing.html.