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News Briefs from the College of Health

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Hubble-Burchell Retires

Dr. Susan Hubble-Burchell, associate professor in the Department of Human Performance and Recreation and associate dean of the College of Health, recently retired after 32 years of service to The University of Southern Mississippi.

Hubble-Burchell served as a leader in the field of recreation as well as a co-director of the university’s Center on Aging.

“Dr. Burchell was one of the most capable and conscientious administrators with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work,” said Dr. Michael Forster, dean of the College of Health. “The dean’s office will manage to carry on, but we’ve lost someone impossible to fully replace.”

Hudson Retires

Dr. Jane Hudson, professor and chair of the Department of Medical Technology, recently retired after serving for more than 35 years at The University of Southern Mississippi.

On June 30, Hudson turned over leadership of the Medical Technology program to Dr. Mary Lux. “I’m very pleased to have the opportunity assume leadership of the department from Jane Hudson, who served as chair for more than 24 years,” said Lux. “I hope that I will be able to continue to lead the department in the spirit of excellence that we have had over the years.”

The Department of Medical Technology is one of seven academic units within the College of Health and has graduated more than 940 students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Community Health Sciences Undergoes Leadership Change

Dr. Emmanuel Ahua, assistant professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, has agreed to serve as interim chair following Dr. Jim McQuire’s recent resignation from his administrative role.

Ahua will serve as interim chair until the completion of an external search, scheduled to commence in the fall of 2011. The target date for identifying a new chair is fall of 2012.

Ahua assumes his new role with more than 17 years experience in the field.