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Southern Miss Academic Dean is Editor for 2013 Political Handbook of the World

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Dr. Tom Lansford, academic dean and professor of political science at The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast, was editor for the “Political Handbook of the World 2013.”

The “Political Handbook,” first published in 1928, is currently published annually by CQ Press. The publication provides detailed information on the government, economy, political status, and history of more than 200 countries and territories, along with 38 international organizations. The 2013 edition was 1,848 pages in length and contained updated information on the composition of governments, the evolution of major and minor political parties and groups, and significant events within each country or organization.

Between 2004 and 2010, Lansford was an associate editor of the publication. He served as co-editor, along with Thomas C. Muller and Judith F. Isacoff, for the 2012 “Political Handbook of the World” before becoming sole editor for the 2013 edition.