January 21, 2019  

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Southern Miss Announces Membership in University-Industry Demonstration Partnership

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The University of Southern Mississippi today announced its membership in the University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP), a national organization of universities and companies who seek to build stronger working relationships.

Convened by the National Academies, the UIDP represents stakeholders in university-industry relations nationally and engages with government interests and foundations such as the National Science Foundation and the Kauffman Foundation.

Southern Miss joins higher education members including Harvard, Cornell, MIT, Georgia Tech, and Rice University. Industry members include Boeing, Procter & Gamble, Dow Chemical, General Electric, and Hershey’s.

“Our involvement with UIDP will not only open up research opportunities for USM’s faculty - it will also provide us the insight needed to have more efficient contract negotiations with various industry sector research partners,” said Dr. Gordon Cannon, USM’s Vice-President for Research.

With this membership, Southern Miss campus representatives will be able to take advantage of UIDP benefits such as:

  • Regular meetings that foster networking opportunities and collaborative discussions
  • The Partnership Webinar Series,  an online meeting forum to share ideas, innovations, and potential
  • Participation in working groups that focus on a wide variety of impacting research agreements such as background intellectual property, export controls, copyrights, and software.
  • Access to UIDP's Researcher Guidebook which helps industrial and institutional researchers work together more effectively.

“We will have opportunities to establish a better dialogue regarding the respective cultures and guiding principles of industry and academia, as well as a better understanding of our respective constraints,” said Chase Kasper, Director of Technology Development at Southern Miss, who has had previous involvement in UIDP.

For more information about the Southern Miss Office of Technology Development call, 601.266.5372 or visit: http://www.usm.edu/technology-development