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Southern Miss Announces Proposed Budget Reductions for Fiscal Year 2012

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“Quality matters at Southern Miss, however, we cannot do everything and still expect to maintain the type of educational experience we aspire to offer,” said President Martha Saunders as she announced paring the 2012 budget which begins July 1, 2011.

The University of Southern Mississippi today released details of its nearly $15 million in proposed budget reductions for the 2011-2012 academic year. Saunders released the following statement to the campus community.

“I have the unfortunate task of advising you of our proposed budget cuts for the 2012 fiscal year.  It is especially painful that this announcement comes at a time of record enrollment and unparalleled successes within the university.

“The IHL Board of Trustees has asked all the state’s universities to develop plans to address anticipated budget losses. Our anticipated decrease for 2012 is approximately $15 million. Just as in the past year, we have started this process early in order to give ourselves the required time to notify faculty and staff members and to find any possible alternatives.

“These decisions were guided by, but not restricted to,the recommendations of the University Priorities Committee. We owe the members of the UPC a debt of thanks for their long and arduous work and for providing valuable insights to the Executive Cabinet.

“Reductions will come from the following areas: Academic Priorities (program deletions and consolidations), Academic Support Services, Administrative Support Services and campus-wide initiatives. The reductions are included within this letter. Regrettably, these reductions will result in job losses for faculty and staff. Students enrolled in programs targeted for elimination will be allowed a reasonable time to complete their degree programs. Also, an appeal process is being developed for programs requesting reconsideration.

“Selected degree programs and academic initiatives will be eliminated in all five of the academic colleges. Twenty-nine faculty members have been notified that the current academic year will be the terminal year on their contracts. These include 3 Tenured Professors, 11 Tenured Associate Professors, 11 Untenured Assistant Professors, and 4 Instructors. Ten of these individuals serve in the College of Arts & Letters, three in the College of Business, eight in the College of Education & Psychology, four in the College of Health, three in the College of Science & Technology, and one in the University Libraries. Six of the affected faculty members teach on USM’s Gulf Coast campus.

“Campus-wide initiatives may include the redistribution of indirect cost funds from research grants and contracts, possible furloughs for all employees, and a possible retirement incentive program.

“Please accept my deep appreciation for your steadfast support during these unprecedented economic trials.  We will continue to work together toward positive solutions and a sound future for our university.”

There are 21 academic programs slated for deletion on the Hattiesburg campus:

            - Allied Health Bachelor of Science degree

            - Art Bachelor of Art (retain Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art)

            - Art Education Bachelor of Fine Art

            - Engineering Technology (Computer Science) Master of Science

            - Early Oral Intervention Master of Science

            - Education of the Deaf Bachelor of Science

            - Engineering Technology Master of Science (CM, LM, ACV)

            - Geology Master of Science

            - German

            - Higher Education Administration Education Specialist

            - Interscholastic Athletic Administration Master of Science

            - Latin

            - Management Information Systems Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

            - Philosophy Master of Arts

            - Physical Education Licensure Master of Science

            - Psychiatric Nursing Master of Science in Nursing

            - Recreation Leisure Management Bachelor of Science

            - Recreation Administration Bachelor of Science

            - Religion Bachelor of Arts

- Sports and High Performance Materials Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Doctorate of Philosophy

- Technology Education Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Doctorate of Philosophy

Additionally, there are two academic programs slated for deletion on the Gulf Coast campus:

            - Allied Health Bachelor of Science degree

            - Marine Science Bachelor of Science

Finally, there are three academic programs slated for consolidation:

            - Criminal Justice, consolidation to Hattiesburg

            - Masters of Business Administration (MBA), consolidation to the Gulf Coast

            - Paralegal, consolidation to Hattiesburg

            - Political Science Master of Arts, consolidation to Hattiesburg

Program deletions must be approved by the IHL Board of Trustees, with the exception of German and Latin. Also needing IHL Board of Trustees approval are the Criminal Justice consolidation to Hattiesburg, MBA consolidation to the Gulf Coast, Paralegal consolidation to Hattiesburg and Political Science Master of Arts consolidation to Hattiesburg.

 “While dark days may be ahead, we will persevere. We are not alone as colleges and universities across the country are grappling with the same, or worse, scenarios,” explained Provost Dr. Bob Lyman.

Southern Miss is the first state-funded university to announce its budget cuts. All state universities have been mandated by the IHL Board of Trustees to prepare and present budget cuts for the 2011-2012 academic year.


Recommended Budget Reductions for FY 2012


Academic Program Deletion/Consolidation


Academic College

Amount of Savings


Arts and Letters






Education and Psychology






Science and Technology






Academic Support Services





Administrative Support Services



Amount of Savings


Assessments to Self Supporting Units






Business and Finance



Gulf Coast









Student Affairs






Campus-Wide Initiatives



Amount of Savings


Other Possible Considerations


    Furloughs (one day per month for all employees) *


    Retirement Incentive *



Redistribution of Research Indirect Costs


    (40% to Educational and General Fund)





* Furloughs require approval by the Board of Trustees

* Retirement Incentive requires approval by the Board of Trustees




































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