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Southern Miss Business Students Earn Eli Lilly Training Internships

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Southern Miss business students Justin McCool, left, and Morgan Musgrove have been selected to participate in the 2017 Eli Lilly Sales Training Internship program. (Photo by Kelly Dunn)

University of Southern Mississippi business students Justin McCool and Morgan Musgrove have been selected for the 2017 Eli Lilly and Company Sales Internship – a 10-week training program with the global pharmaceutical company.

McCool and Musgrove, both Healthcare Marketing majors, competed against students from other schools to earn the training opportunity. There were only 60 internships awarded across the country for Eli Lilly’s program.

The Lilly Sales Internship is designed to give students real world experience in pharmaceutical sales. The program will consist of sales training at the company’s headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, followed by the interns calling on physicians in assigned territories in Mississippi and Alabama. McCool’s internship begins in May, while Musgrove is scheduled to start hers in June.  

“Our healthcare marketing program prepares students to compete with the best as these internships show,” said Dr. Faye Gilbert, Dean of the USM College of Business. Dr. Kelli King (Professor of Practice) is an exceptional leader with industry experience who guides our students in learning and making the transition to exceptional careers. My congratulations to Justin McCool and Morgan Musgrove for this honor and my thanks to them for the hard work they will complete as they reflect well on Southern Miss business programs during this internship with Eli Lilly.”

McCool and Musgrove agree that the training program will provide invaluable experience as they progress toward the ultimate goal of a career in the healthcare field.

“I hope to gain experience in the pharmaceutical world and to fine polish my professionalism and communication skills,” said McCool, a senior from Magee, Miss. “Upon graduation, I would love to get a full-time position with Lilly and eventually move in to a high-management position within the company.”

“Southern Miss, along with the Department of Healthcare Marketing, has developed a unique curriculum directly addressing and perfecting the skills needed to be successful in this industry,” said Musgrove, a senior from Laurel, Miss. “Through this internship my hope is to put these skills into practice, perfecting the techniques presented to me by Southern Miss and Eli Lilly.”

Musgrove notes that she too hopes to parlay her internship into a full-time position with Eli Lilly before possibly returning to Southern Miss one day as an instructor.

Eli Lilly and Company was ranked No.141 on the Fortune 500 list for 2016 and has been named one of Fortune’s “World's Most Admired Companies” for 2017. The company was founded in 1876 by Col. Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical chemist and veteran of the American Civil War, after whom the company is named. Lilly, with offices in Puerto Rico and 17 other countries, was the first company to mass-produce penicillin, the Salk polio vaccine, and insulin.

McCool is the son of Roger and Amy McCool of Magee, Miss. Musgrove is the daughter of Keith and Lisa Musgrove of Laurel, Miss., and Gary and Patricia Chiasson of Nashville, Tenn.