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Southern Miss Students named Mississippi Young Bankers Scholars

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Southern Miss students Benjamin Arnold, left and Tanner Jones, right have been named Mississippi Young Bankers Scholars. They are shown here with Finance Chair Dr. G.W. Kelly. (Submitted photo)

University of Southern Mississippi seniors Benjamin Arnold and Tanner Jones are among five college students recently named as Mississippi Young Bankers Scholars.

Arnold and Jones attended the Annual Mississippi Young Bankers Convention in Point Clear, Ala. on March 8-12, where they received a plaque and $1,500 scholarship.

To be considered for the scholarship, seniors majoring in Finance or Finance and Banking must be nominated by the department head at one of the state’s institutions of higher learning. A Scholarship Committee consisting of members of the MYB Executive council reviews the applications of all nominees and selects five finalists.

Southern Miss Finance Chair, Dr. G.W. Kelly, noted that the selection process fully examines each candidate’s qualifications. “The Scholarship Committee looks at the courses taken, GPA, employment history, honors and activities, and character references,” he explained. “Both Arnold and Jones were excellent candidates for the scholarship.”

Nominees are also required to submit a resume, which is made available to Mississippi banks who may consider the nominees for possible employment opportunities.

Arnold, from Corpus Christi, Tex., said he did not originally move to the area to become a banking and finance student.

“I really had no knowledge of the banking world and always had subscribed to the Hollywood view that all bankers were like Jordan Belford and Gordon Gekko” he said.  “However, it has been quite humbling to gain insight about what bankers really do and what lies ahead in that industry. I’m proud to show them what Southern Miss graduates have to offer to their world.”

Jones, a Purvis native, said he was excited to even be nominated at the university level.

 “It was an absolute honor to be nominated by Dr. Kelly and then an even greater honor to be chosen as one of the top students in the state,” said Jones. “The convention was an amazing opportunity to represent my university, the College of Business, and the finance department. I met so many wonderful people, who I hope will consider hiring me in the future.”

Last year, USM had three students named as MYB scholars: Travis Hart, Ronald Taylor, and Blythe Dunaway.