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Top-10 List Helps Southern Miss Freshmen Prepare for College Experience

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Southern Miss faculty and staff assist freshmen each year as they move into residential housing. (University Communications photo by Van Arnold)

To be completely prepared for the 2012-13 academic year, Ashley Cangelosi, the manager of Transition Programs in the Office of the First Year Experience (FYE) at The University of Southern Mississippi, offers important advice for incoming freshmen.

Starting the first year of college can be all too intimidating; the unfamiliar territory of navigating classes and socializing among new peers is a bit overwhelming. However, the Office of FYE is available to help make the transition to becoming a Golden Eagle something to look forward to rather than fear.

“The Office of First Year Experience is excited to welcome our new students to The University of Southern Mississippi, and we look forward to working with these students as we help guide them through a successful first year,” said Cangelosi.

After reading Cangelosi’s Top-10 list, those leaving the comfortable nest of home will be better prepared to spread their wings and soar as a Southern Miss Golden Eagle.

Top 10 most important things to remember as a freshman:  

·         1) Make sure you are full-time (at least 12 hours).

·         2) Meet your professors and know where their office is located.

·         3) Schedule an appointment with your advisor and know where their office is located.

·         4) GO TO CLASS!

·         5) Get involved in a student organization but not too many.

·         6) Read your course syllabus.

·         7) Create a study group and do your homework!

·         8) Be careful charging to your student ID.

·         9) Update your mailing address, email address, and cell phone number on SOAR.

·         10) Stay connected by checking your email and campus mailbox regularly, and signing up for Eagle Alert.

Incoming freshman Jessica Palmer, an Oak Grove High School graduate, is looking forward to living on campus. “I’m excited because it’s something new” said Palmer. When asked why she chose to live on campus, Palmer explained that she was fortunate enough to receive one of the Lucky Day scholarships, which secured her living situation.

Like many college newcomers, Palmer is slightly nervous about having to navigate her way to classes since she is not familiar with the campus. However, she expressed particular excitement about Golden Eagle Welcome Week (Aug. 18-21), noting that it would provide a great chance for her to meet new people and learn more about Southern Miss.

Students attending GEWW will have the advantage of becoming well acquainted with the layout of Southern Miss before classes start. The week will also include other activities/events for new students.

For more information on what all FYE offers, go to