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TRIAD AmeriCorps Recognizes Members of the Month for 2018

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TRIAD Americorps members enjoy some light-hearted fun at USM's Lake Byron bridge.

Over the past several months, Training, Resources and Information for the Advancement of Disability (TRIAD) members have been responsible for giving as well as receiving nutrition trainings for high school students and other community members in the Hattiesburg and Gulf Coast areas through use of the HealthMatters curriculum.

By including this focus in TRIAD AmeriCorps service, members help others improve and maintain healthy lifestyle changes.

TRIAD is a national volunteer program through The University of Southern Mississippi Institute for Disability Studies (IDS). By including young Mississippians with and without developmental and intellectual disabilities, IDS is supporting an inclusive service community.   

In 2018, the TRIAD program began recognizing members and their work in the community by featuring a member of the month. These outstanding young people have made a difference in the lives of others through their service.

Cedric Hathorne was chosen member of the month in January. Hathorne is often heard saying, “Just get it done.” While quiet most of the time, he has the ability to turn on the most positive attitude regarding community service. A member for three years, Hathorne was the perfect member to be selected as the first TRIAD AmeriCorps “Member of the Month.”

Jeromy Watson, Mr. February, is a 90s cartoon and Batman fanatic. Watson has displayed the most improved participation quality of all the TRIAD members. In the beginning, Watson was quiet and kept his thoughts to himself. Slowly but surely, his unconditional love of computers and video games turned into a passion for enjoying the company of others.

Watson’s love for service has always been strong, as his giddy attitude always makes every endeavor fun. His Batman-related motto, “It is not what I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”

Amber Allday, featured in March, has emerged from her cocoon as an influential butterfly. While slightly timid at first, Allday has shown that anyone can do anything through lots of hard work. Whether giving service suggestions or mentoring her fellow members, she always wears a smile. Allday has been a member of TRIAD AmeriCorps for one year.

Miss April, Emilee Flurry, is a “hipster genius” who knows everything there is to know about the latest fashions, movies, and music. She has done such a great job through leadership opportunities in TRIAD AmeriCorps. Whether creating or assisting in TRIAD team building activities, Flurry always approaches every situation with great optimism and cheerfulness.

Qualities important to Flurry are persistence and communication. Without these, she believes it would be hard to help improve lifestyle changes. She has been a service member with TRIAD AmeriCorps for two years.

Selected for May, Zachary Sellers has been a member of TRIAD AmeriCorps and the STEP UP to Leadership Advisory Council for four consecutive years and continues to serve as a devoted volunteer. While a definite subject-matter expert on Pokémon, he also stores much information about other topics such as video game release dates, Marvel/DC Movies, delicious cuisines, plants and animals.

Who needs Google when Sellers is around? Of the services completed through TRIAD, Zachary’s favorite place to volunteer is Southern Pines Animal Shelter. He thoroughly enjoys nurturing the animals, cleaning their cages, and making them small treats.

Without question, June member Allison “Allie” Garner has shown much initiative with regard to service and helping out her fellow peers. Garner believes fun can be found in anything and everything. When she enters a room, streams of positive energy can be felt through her laughter and playful attitude.

Garner has been a member of TRIAD AmeriCorps for one year. Throughout the year, she has proven herself an extraordinary young woman. Allie began college at Pearl River Community College in spring 2018 and has successfully completed her first semester.

For more information about the Institute for Disability Studies at USM, call 601.266.5163 or visit: https://www.usm.edu/disability-studies