April 25, 2019  

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USM Children’s Center Celebrates 21 Graduates

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The USM Children's Center for Communication and Development held its annual graduation ceremony on May 25.

Graduation. The caps and gowns, the pomp and circumstance, moms and dads beaming with pride, cameras flashing and videos rolling – some things never vary, and perhaps never will, when it comes to watching a loved one take the stage and receive recognition of a job well done.

There is something about the public acknowledgement of years of hard work coupled with the excitement and anticipation of what is to come, that often brings about a flood of emotion on such a significant day of celebration.

But for the families of The Children’s Center’s graduates, that cap and gown holds another level of importance. The Children’s Center for Communication and Development at USM provides cost-free services for infants and children with complex disabilities. And on Friday, May 25, the Children’s Center staff, joined by a full house of family and friends, watched, behind tear-filled eyes, as 21 children received their diplomas.

The pride in the room was palpable, and the love immeasurable. “These little ones have made great strides and confronted countless challenges in their time at The Children’s Center,” said Sarah Case-Price, director at The Children’s Center. “And this day was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the progress they and their families have made and delight in the prospect of the bright, albeit daunting, future that lies ahead.”

Bright, and daunting, indeed. The unknown can be unsettling. And for parents and families of children with disabilities, the unknown can be downright scary. But those great strides already taken and countless challenges already faced are proof that no matter what lies ahead, the class of 2018 Children’s Center graduates and their families are ready to take it on.

“These children have already, in their short lives, surpassed tests and trials that many of us never will,” said Case-Price. “They’re more prepared for what is to come than they even know. And we can’t wait to see where their journeys take them.”