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USM Summer Camp Will Help Kids Develop Singing, Dancing, Acting Skills

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Does your child enjoy singing, dancing, or acting? Maybe all three? If so, then the 13th Annual Midsummer Musical Theatre Experience might just be his or her ticket.

Hosted by The University of Southern Mississippi College of Arts and Letters, the popular summer camp is set for July 9-20 at the University’s Hattiesburg campus. The program is specifically designed for children ages 8-15 who are interested in developing acting, singing and dancing skills. Previous experience is not required.

Campers will receive vocal coaching, acting and movement training, and set and costume instruction. At the end of the camp, the campers will perform a complete musical production that will incorporate all of these skills and more.

Midsummer Musical Theatre Experience is produced and managed by Robin Aronson, Professor of Voice and Acting in the USM Department of Theatre. As a Lessac-certified voice and body trainer, Aronson has presented voice and speech workshops in more than seven countries internationally.

To receive an application, please contact Robin Aronson at 601.266.6442 or email robin.aronson@usm.edu. Applications can also be downloaded on the Midsummer Musical Theatre Facebook page.