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USM Visiting Artist Lecture features Kristen Tordella-Williams

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Kristen Tordella-Williams

The University of Southern Mississippi presents The Visiting Artist Lecture featuring Kristen Tordella-Williams on Nov. 16 at 5 p.m. in the 3D Arts Building (2905 West 4th Street) on the Hattiesburg campus.

She is giving the final lecture of the Outdoor Sculpture series. Her work, “Eudora Welty Wreath” is located in front of the International Building on the Hattiesburg campus. Her lecture will take place after the semester iron pour, which starts at 10 a.m. and runs all day on Nov. 16. While the iron pour is free to observe, the public can purchase a scratch block for $15 which allows them to make a design for an iron tile to be poured at the event.

“Our bodies contain the memories each day lived. I focus on how to physically represent these inherent memories of labor through multiple processes,” said Tordella-Williams. “Ultimately, my stubborn curiosity and absurd logic lead to a compilation of fossils – memories, processes, materials, images – that combine into a cross-media body of work.”

Tordella-Williams gathers and re-interprets the remnants of labor, identity, gender, and memory, discovered or made. She is inspired by processes such as performance, papermaking, sculpture or printmaking.

Tordella-Williams has exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently in a castle/monastery in Salem, Germany.

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