August 14, 2018  

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Innovation Month in Mississippi has provided our state with a great opportunity to focus on innovation and what it means to all of our citizens.

Mississippi Innovation Month provides an opportunity to showcase our best efforts.

Gorgeous fall weather creates perfect atmosphere to celebrate National Disability Mentoring Day at Southern Miss.

Showing proper respect and hospitality to out-of-town fans benefits not only the University but the Pine Belt region as a whole.

New financial aid program should help Mississippi produce better teachers.

Dr. Gene Wiggins left an indelible mark on the lives of everyone who knew this remarkable educator.

Statistics show that a post-secondary degree does indeed matter in today's competitive marketplace.

Dr. Katherine Nugent emphasizes that this is an exciting, transformative time in the history of the College of Nursing at The University of Southern Mississippi.

Southern Miss Vice Provost for Research Dr. Gordon Cannon notes that the state's universities work in collaboration more often than the average citizen realizes.