May 23, 2019  

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Today’s message includes news releases about a step by step guide to choosing an online university and speech pathology instructor Amy Rosonet LeBert’s election as President-Elect of the Council of State Speech-Language-Hearing Association Presidents.


Today’s message includes a news release about Special Collections Curator and Professor Jennifer Brannock earning a prestigious research grant from the American Library Association. In addition, biological sciences Professor Glen Shearer is available to discuss international concern over a drug-resistant superbug fungus.


Today’s message includes a news release about University Libraries’ Student Curated Exhibits upcoming opening. 


Today’s message includes news releases about history Professor Susannah Ural being named to the board of trustees for the Society for Military History, and USM graduate student Raymond Jones being selected as a Jackson Heart Study Scholar. 


Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves will visit the DuBard School for Language Disorders to interact with the students and learn how the DuBard School meets the needs of children with severe speech-language disorders. 


Today’s message includes news releases about the final University Forum featuring renowned underwater archaeologist and oceanographer Bob Ballard, the theatre program’s upcoming performances of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, and a presentation by University researcher Ross Walton to Holiday Inn executives about the company’s history.


Today’s message includes a special coverage opportunity regarding the announcement of Jeremy McClain as the University’s new Director of Athletics. 


Today’s message includes coverage opportunities regarding the final day of the annual Fay B. Kaigler Children’s Book Festival and a Human Trafficking Conference that begins today and continues through Saturday.


Today’s message includes a coverage opportunity regarding a human trafficking conference Friday and Saturday at the Hattiesburg campus.