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Student Government Association President Jeffrey George plans to leave Southern Miss better than he found it by encouraging other students to reach to the top. George, of Covington, Louisiana, is a junior political science major pursuing a minor in marketing.

Q: What led you to attend The University of Southern Mississippi?

A: When I first toured The University of Southern Mississippi I quickly realized how much I loved this campus and the people that called it their home. I really liked the look and feel of the campus from the beautiful oak trees to the small size of campus. As I met members of the Southern Miss community I was always reminded of the endless opportunities that this great institution provides for its students. I quickly realized that Southern Miss was truly a student-driven campus, which provides so many leadership opportunities. Finally, Hattiesburg is such a diverse community that has everything a college town needs to provide a great college experience.

Q: What prompted you to get involved in student government?

A: The reason I decided to get involved with the Student Government Association is simply because I wanted to have the opportunity to serve students and improve their Southern Miss experience. SGA is an incredible opportunity to meet people and have an impact on the students that call Southern Miss their home.

Q: What would you describe as the most important leadership skills?

A: I believe that the most important part of leadership is being willing to serve those around you. This can include everything from helping a student find their way on campus to leading an organization on campus. It doesn’t matter how large your role is as long as you are doing everything you can to serve those around you. Another key aspect of leadership is delegation. I believe that is important to delegate responsibilities, not tasks, to those around you so that you can empower others to be leaders as well.

Q: What do you believe will be your biggest challenges this semester and how will you utilize certain skills to help you to tackle them?

A: Our biggest challenge as an organization is to make students aware of who we are as the Student Government Association and what we can do for them. It is our goal to give students a voice in on our campus and in our administration but we cannot act as that voice if students are not bringing their challenges to us. Because of this we will work to serve the student body through as many outreach events and initiatives as possible. Personally, my biggest challenge will be to manage the busy life of a student and the responsibilities that come along with the position I am in. With the support of those around me and the great SGA team I have to work with I know I will be able to manage the busy days ahead.

Q: What are your goals for this year as SGA president?

A: My main goal as SGA president is to have an impact on as many students as possible. I firmly believe that each student has his or her own Southern Miss experience and my goal is to do everything we can to make that experience the best possible. It is my goal that by the end of this year every student will recognize the name Student Government Association and know that we have the ability to make changes to improve our university. We can help, and we want to help provide them with the best Southern Miss experience possible. I also hope to help provide students with the tools to succeed academically. We are working with academic colleges and departments on campus to improve the advising experience as well as create a dead week policy to help students before finals week. We are working to mentor sophomore students through our Stand Out Sophomores program by preparing them to be successful throughout the rest of their college career. Finally, I hope to connect our students to the administration through clear communication. Since SGA has a voice in our administration’s highest board, Executive Cabinet, we hope to open clear lines of communication with our administration.

Q: What other organizations and clubs are you involved in on campus?

A: I am currently actively involved with Southern Style 2014, Eagle Connection and Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. I am member of the Student Eagle Cub and The Legacy. I have also been a part of Leadership Executive Team for Leadership scholars. I also work in the First Year Initiative office as a student worker helping students overcome the challenges of their first year.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: Ten years from now I see myself having graduated from law school and working in a successful law firm as I begin my political career in Mississippi or Louisiana. I hope to be married and building a family. If I am not in the South I hope to be living in Washington D.C. as I work with political campaigns.

Q: How has this position equipped you for these goals?

A: This position has helped teach me so many skills that will help me reach my goals. I have gained experience working with people from all over campus and around the state that will help me in my future political career. I also have improved in public speaking and presentations since I have been in this position. Obviously, since we are just starting the semester I know that I will continue to learn each and every day. Each day is a new opportunity and experience to learn something new or meet a new person. I hope to embrace each opportunity throughout this year to equip me for my future.

Q: As a student leader how do you plan to leave Southern Miss better than you found it?

A: I believe that the way I can leave Southern Miss better than I found it is by investing in the success of the students of this university. The best part about this place is how many people are here to support your goals and ambitions and I just hope to enable others to live to the top. If I can have an impact on just one student that helps them reach their goals then I believe my career at Southern Miss will have been a success. After I graduate in two years I know I will have great pride in our university because of the people I have encountered and the opportunities that I have been given. Southern Miss is an institution that provides unique experiences and opportunities for each and every student and I hope to help instill a sense of pride in our students, faculty, staff, administration and alumni.