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Faculty/Staff Experts Guide for Media/Gulf Park Campus

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Southern Miss Gulf Park Campus Experts Listing

Dr. Lin Agler
Associate professor, Psychology

Expertise: Metacomprehension, adult age comparison
Office: 228.214.3307
E-mail: agler1@cableone.net

Dr. Patsy Anderson
Associate professor, Nursing

Expertise: Health care leadership, health care policy
Office: 228.865.4517
E-mail: patsy.anderson@usm.edu

Dr. Heather M. Annulis
Professor, Workforce Development

Expertise: Workforce training and development
Office: 228.214.3494
E-mail: heather.annulis@usm.edu

Dr. Vernon Lowell Asper
Professor, Marine Science

Expertise: Ocean particles, Macondo spill
Office: 228.688.3178
E-mail: vernon.asper@usm.edu

Dr. Patrick Biber
Associate professor, Marine Science

Expertise: Marine ecology, botany
Office: 228.872.4200
E-mail: patrick.biber@usm.edu

Nancy J. Brown-Peterson
Research Associate

Expertise: Fish reproductive biology
Office: 228.872.4288
E-mail: nancy.brown-peterson@usm.edu

Dr. Gregory Bradley
Clinical assistant professor, College of Business

Expertise: Local and regional economics
Office: 228.214.5402
E-mail: gregory.bradley@usm.edu

Dr. Jacob Breland
Assistant professor, Management

Expertise: Human resources, workplace behavior
Office: 228.214.3316
E-mail: jacob.breland@usm.edu

Rose Bremenkamp
Director, Financial Aid and Veteran’s Affair

Expertise: Financial aid in higher education, veterans education benefits
Office: 228.865.4513
E-mail: rose.bremenkamp@usm.edu

Dr. Douglas Walter Bristol
Associate professor, History

Expertise: African American history, war and society
Office: 228.214.3247
E-mail: douglas.bristol@usm.edu

Dr. Charlotte A. Bruner
Professor, Marine Science

Expertise: Foraminifera, geological oceanography
Office: 228.688.3576
E-mail: charlotte.bruner@usm.edu

Dr. Maarten C. Buijsman
Assistant professor, Marine Science

Expertise: Physical oceanography
Office: 228.688.2385
E-mail: maarten.buijsman@usm.edu

Dr. Ian W. Church
Assistant professor

Expertise: Seabed mapping, multibeam sonar
Office: 228.688.1510
E-mail: ian.church@usm.edu

Brandi H. Clarke
Grants Administrator

Expertise: Grants administration, grant writing
Office: 228.818.8836
E-mail: brandi.clarke@usm.edu

Dr. Mary Louise Coyne
Professor, Director of RN-BSN Program

Expertise: Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease
Office: 228.865.4517
E-mail: mary.coyne@usm.edu

Dr. Andrew Neil Evans
Assistant professor, Aquatic molecular physiologist

Expertise: Fish physiology, molecular biology
Office: 228.872.4298
E-mail: andew.n.evans@usm.edu

Misty Schaubhut Fiello
Manager, Beach Monitoring Program

Expertise: Beach monitoring
Office: 228.872.4263
E-mail: misty.schaubhut@usm.edu

Dr. Westley Follett
Associate professor, History

Expertise: Medieval Europe, Celtic Ireland
Office: 228.214.3360
E-mail: westley.follett@usm.edu

Dr. Casey M. Maugh Funderburk
Interim Associate Provost

Expertise: Political communication, Race, Gender
Office: 228.214.3309
E-mail: casey.maugh@usm.edu

Dr. Robert J. Griffitt
Associate professor, Toxicology

Expertise: Toxicology, Environmental Health
Office: 228.872.4294
E-mail: joe.griffitt@usm.edu

Dr. Darrell Jay Grimes
Professor, Coastal Sciences, Marine Micobiology

Expertise: Isolation and identification of vibrio bacteria
Office: 228.818.8009
E-mail: jay.grimes@usm.edu

Jill Hendon
Research scientist

Expertise: Shark biology, fish population monitoring
Office: 228.872.4242
E-mail: jill.hendon@usm.edu

Dr. Joseph Read Hendon
Director, Center for Fisheries Research and Development

Expertise: Marine fisheries, marine biology and ecology
Office: 228.818.8804
E-mail: read.hendon@usm.edu

Dr. Frank Hernandez
Assistant professor, Fisheries Oceanography Ecology

Expertise: Fisheries oceanography, marine ecology
Office: 228.818.8800
E-mail: frank.hernandez@usm.edu

Dr. Elizabeth A. Holman
Assistant clinical professor, Nursing

Expertise: High fidelity simulation in academia
Office: 228.214.3267
E-mail: elizabeth.holman@usm.edu

Dr. David Harms Holt
Associate professor, Geography

Expertise: Physical geography, human geography
Office: 228.214.2355
E-mail: david.h.holt@usm.edu

Dr. Steven R. Jackson
Professor, Accounting

Expertise: Auditing/fraud, accounting systems/ethics
Office: 228.214.3448
E-mail: steven.r.jackson@usm.edu

Dr. Myron B. Labat
Assistant professor, program coordinator, educational leadership

Expertise: School culture, educational administration
Office: 228.214.3257
E-mail: myron.b.labat@usm.edu

Dr. John T. Lambert
Associate professor, International business

Expertise: International business/import/export
Office: 228.214.3447
E-mail: john.lambert@usm.edu

Dr. Tom Lansford

Expertise: International security/foreign policy
Office: 228.214.3291
E-mail: tom.lansford@usm.edu

Dr. Robert Leaf
Assistant professor

Expertise: Fisheries biology, statistics
Office: 228.872.4296
E-mail: robert.leaf@usm.edu

Dr. Chin-Nu Lin
Assistant professor, Nursing

Expertise: Nursing research, nursing education
Office: 228.865.4516
E-mail: chinnu.lin@usm.edu

Dr. Dale L. Lunsford
Assistant professor, Human Capital Development

Expertise: Quantitative methods
Office: 228.214.3429
E-mail: dale.lunsford@usm.edu

Dr. Rachel Luther
Assistant professor, Curriculum, Instruction and Special Education

Expertise: Secondary teacher education
Office: 228.214.3249
E-mail: rachel.luther@usm.edu

Dr. Heidi Lyn
Assistant professor, Psychology

Expertise: Animal intelligence, primates
Office: 228.214.3234
E-mail: heidi.lyn@usm.edu

Edward G. McCormack
Associate dean, professor, Gulf Coast Libraries

Expertise: Academic library administration
Office: 228.214.3466
E-mail: edward.mccormack@usm.edu

Dr. Scott P. Milroy
Associate professor, Marine Science

Expertise: Marine Science, Oceanography
Office: 228.214.3271
E-mail: scott.milroy@usm.edu

Dr. Michael Mong
Associate Dean, associate professor, College of Education and Psychology

Expertise: Childhood psychological disorders
Office: 228.214.3239
E-mail: michael.mong@usm.edu

Dr. Timothy Edward Morse
Associate professor, Curriculum, Instruction and Special Education

Expertise: Autism spectrum disorder
Office: 228.863.1755
E-mail: timothy.morse@usm.edu

Dr. Shahdad Naghshpour
Professor, International Development

Expertise: Forecasting and statistics analysis
Office: 228.865.4514
E-mail: s.naghshpour@usm.edu

Marlene M. Naquin
Instructor, Mathematics and Mathematics Education

Expertise: Mathematics Education
Office: 228.214.3298
E-mail: marlene.naquin@usm.edu

Dr. Deanne Stephens Nuwer
Associate Dean, College of Arts and Letters

Expertise: Medical history, women in American society
Office: 228.214.3280
E-mail: deanne.nuwer@usm.edu

Dr. Bob J. Pauly
Associate professor, Political Science and International Development

Expertise: U.S. foreign policy, Middle Eastern politics
Office: 228.214.3263
E-mail: robert.pauly@usm.edu

Dr. A. Louise Perkins
Professor, Computer Science

Expertise: Computer Science, numerical methods
Office: 228.214.3306
E-mail: louise.perkins@usm.edu

Dr. Ngoc Phan
Assistant professor, Political Science & International Policy & Development

Expertise: American politics, political behavior
Office: 228.214.3259
E-mail: ngoc.phan@usm.edu

Dr. Patti Phillips
Professor of Practice, Workforce Development

Expertise: Program evaluation, human capital analytics
Office: 228.422.3334
E-mail: patricia.phillips@usm.edu

Dr. Rebecca Adele Powell
Assistant professor, English

Expertise: Writing pedagogy, community literacy
Office: 228.214.3435
E-mail: rebecca.a.powell@usm.edu

Dr. Chet F. Rakocinski

Expertise: Benthic ecology, fisheries ecology
Office: 228.872.4284
E-mail: chet.rakocinski@usm.edu

Dr. Karen L. Rich
Associate professor, Nursing

Expertise: Ethics, public health
Office: 228.265.4561
E-mail: karen.rich@usm.edu

Dr. Tom Rishel
Instructor, Computer Science

Expertise: Computer science, computer programming
Office: 228.214.3283
E-mail: tom.rishel@usm.edu

Dr. Eric Saillant
Associate Professor, Marine Science

Expertise: Conservation genetics of marine organisms
Office: 228.818.8007
E-mail: eric.saillant@usm.edu

Dr. MD B. Sarder
Associate professor, Director of Graduate Studies

Expertise: Logistics and transportation modeling
Office: 228.214.3237
E-mail: md.sarder@usm.edu

Dr. Tracie Sempier
Coastal Storms Outreach Coordinator

Expertise: Community resilience
Office: 228.818.8829
E-mail: tracie.sempier@usm.edu

Dr. Alan M. Shiller
Professor, Marine Science

Expertise: Marine chemistry, trace elements
Office: 228.688.1178
E-mail: alan.shiller@usm.edu

Dr. Kelley C. Stricklin
Associate professor, Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education

Expertise: Differentiated instruction
Office: 228.865.4584
E-mail: kelley.stricklin@usm.edu

Dr. Billie Tingle
Visiting instructor, Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education

Expertise: Educational administration, gifted education
Office: 228.214.3281
E-mail: billie.tingle@usm.edu

Robert Miller Turnbull
Instructor, Biology

Expertise: Animal behavior – predator/prey relationships
Office: 228.214.3291
E-mail: robert.turnbull@usm.edu

Dr. Elizabeth Hendrix Turner
Assistant professor, Accountancy

Expertise: Accounting, not-for-profits
Office: 228.214.3223
E-mail: lizzie.turner@usm.edu

Dr. Jennifer M. Walker
Assistant professor, Biological Sciences

Expertise: Marine biology
Office: 228.214.3332
E-mail: jennifer.walker@usm.edu

Dr. David Earnest Wells
Professor Emeritus

Expertise: Global Navigation Satellite Systems
Office: 228.688.3389
E-mail: david.wells@usm.edu

Dr. Sumanth Yenduri
Associate professor, Computer Science

Expertise: Computer Science
Office: 228.214.3265
E-mail: sumath.yenduri@usm.edu